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09/15/2023 - Did you already know that River Square belongs to Thai Square,  but 

                       differs in some ways?


We are focusing more and more on vegan and gluten-free dishes.

Discover our new delicious dishes available exclusively at River Square.

These dishes only available at River Square:

Fried Duck Curry

fried duck curry-2.jpg

Pad Prik Pao

Pad Prik Pao.jpg

Sweet Sour Poulet

Sweet Sour Poulet 1.jpg

All Curry's dishes at River Square are gluten-free.


08/07/2023 - Our 2 new products - Yellow Americano and Milk Thai Iced Tea


Try our 2 delicious new drinks. Only available from us:

Yellow Americano

Fresh enjoyment for in between: Our Yellow Americano is the perfect companion for a little break from everyday life. The combination of good coffee and an invigorating citrus note gives you new energy and lets you enjoy the moment. Experience the yellow side of coffee and let yourself be inspired by our unique Yellow Americano!

Yellow Americano.PNG

Milk Thai iced tea

Refreshingly different: Our milk Thai iced tea is the perfect companion for hot summer days! Let yourself be enchanted by the refreshing taste of Thai tea and the gentle note of milk. A real treat for all iced tea lovers!

Milch Thai Eistee.JPG

18.07.2023 - Start new opening - Reinacheracherstrasse 30

Dear guests

Our restaurant is now open, we look forward to serving you on site.

Don't miss the opportunity to try our delicious dishes. Rest assured that we use high quality ingredients to give you an unforgettable taste experience.

Visit us soon to discover our culinary delights!

Thank you.

Your River Square Team

river quare 1 reinacherstrasse aussen.JPEG
river quare 1 reinacherstrasse.JPEG

This is what Basel says about us:             That's right - we belong to Thai Square

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