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After the exciting and intensive planning and conception of the "Thai Square" idea, we opened the doors of the Thai Square Restaurant for the first time in January 2020!

In April 2020 we were able to delight you with our take away offer - and we would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks for your support!

After a short time, an offer on site was possible again and we all experienced a wonderful, hot summer together!


Our signature meal Pad Thai turned out to be the favorite dish of many of you, the fine curries made some sweat and our homemade iced tea provided the necessary refreshment afterwards!

It doesn't matter whether you belong to #TeamPadThai or to #TeamCurry, in the end what counts is that we are all in the team

“Good Food = Good Mood” are! So grab your loved ones and stop by.


We look forward to you!


Rice to see you.

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